Beyoncé’s Redheaded Dancer Stars in ‘Hit The Floor’
Will Sterling

If you’ve ever seen Beyoncé perform live, then you’ve probably seen Ashley Everett. The stunning redhead serves as Beyoncé’s lead dancer and dance captain and is always front and center at most performances. Having danced with Beyoncé for the last 8 years, the dancer knows a thing or two about stage makeup, but Everett admits off stage she’s more of a minimalist. “I don’t wear too much makeup, but I have a few favorites, but I’m really a minimalist,” she says. “I love MAC’s Ruby Woo. It’s a great red for any occasion.”

Makeup and dancing aside, Everett has become known for her signature red mane, a look she says Beyoncé asked her to do. “In 2009 I was ready to change my look, but I was so scared,” says Everett. “One day Beyoncé asked me to go bright red and I said ‘That’s it! I’m doing it!’

Since then, Everett has managed to tame her red curls with Moroccanoil haircare products (she loves the curl creme) and standard coconut oil.

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“I love my big curls, but I’m also into wearing buns and pulling my hair back every once in a awhile,” says Everett. “The key is just to keep it moisturized and deep condition as much as I can.”

Catch the natural hair maven tonite on the Season 3 of Hit the Floor at 9 p.m. on VH1.