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There were a lot of new t.v. shows this fall season staring black actors but not everyone was a hit. Which new scripted show do you think failed to live up to it's hype? Y'all can go ahead and jump in. That failed? Failed! I was thinking about positivity. I know. I mean, I know you like to throw shade [UNKNOWN] so I'm just, I lobbed it. [SOUND] I mean personally I'm not a fan of [UNKNOWN]. Okay. I didn't like the writing on it, the acting wasn't that great. I understand what they're trying to do but I just couldn't really [UNKNOWN] So you just felt like it just didn't live up to the hype. It didn't connect, yeah. Okay, what about you Michelle [UNKNOWN]? I don't wanna does it muh. They don't want you in there jeans is what she's trying to say. I've talked to a few people who try to watch Insecure and they were like I got bored. But I'm like just get over the three episodes and then we'll heat up we're just establishing character. So I'm not gonna say that, I liked, I loved it. Talk about [UNKNOWN] though, that's my show. Look, okay, I'm not throwing shade, What I'm saying is good. It's just it was a slow It was a slow burn but it gave me everything I wanted at the end. Like most relationships. Like most well I'm still married so. No no that's just my dating life, that's just my dating life, that's just me. Right, sorry I didn't know got it. Ray, what are your thoughts? I mean I love them all. I did love Luke Cage except for at the end there was like this big fight Scene and Fab Five Freddie showed up and I was so annoyed. So, I think that ruined the entire franchise. Like why is Fab Five Freddie at the fight. And he was just like, yeah. I was like,no. The product placement was just terrible. I did like this Uncle Buck situation, that's what the name of it was. Okay. With Mike Eps. With Mike Eps right. [CROSSTALK] One and a half episodes but I really did like what I saw. I liked the 1.5. Like episode two. I'm into positivity. Did anybody watch get down, the get down? The get down was amazing. Thoughts? You know what it was, I feel like you have to bit from that aura or rounded or some of type of 80s baby. No. Really I feel like strangers things did really well because it was stalgic from people from the 80s. Correct. True. And it also the milliards will like, this is what like in the 80s. [LAUGH] But I feel like I get down was joke and I was like look at all this black people never gonna call. To audition! I'm just saying, but I really liked it. I had to watch it with subtitles because I was like, what are they saying? I loved Jayden in it. Jayden was great. The afro was everything. I don't know about all that. When Jayden does interviews, he upsets Yes. My man Melo I don't know what you're talking about. I think Jaden needs a translater when he does interviews. He does. I appreciate him being original, shout out staying true to yourself. Yes. I Agree. I just want to hear his dresses, do they come in plus sizes is what I want to move. Hashtag and we're going to move forward. There were also some shows on the fringe that are starting to build audiences. Are there any quote non black or smaller shows you're checking for this TV season? I thought this is like. Like Pitch. We had Lethal Weapon. [INAUDIBLE] This is us, yeah. This is us was good. Here's a black show that wasn't included, but's also a multicultural show. It's called. Chewing Gum. It's on Netflix. Love that show. It's out of England, London. It's about a girl. She's originally Nigerian. Her Mom is by way of Nigeria, in London. And she's trying to lose her virginity at 24. Cynthia Revo's in it. Shout out to Cynthia Revo. Yes, you know names. I love that. Adore her, I love her. I stalk her look. Yes. Let's give a shout out to the one Black guy in Narcos. He did it. He did his thing. Yes. I know and he survived. It's true. That's from LEthal Weapon? No, but you can't really touch those franchises. Yeah. You gotta leave that alone. But you just said you like Uncle Buck. No. I didn't say that. > My God. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. Is that a [INAUDIBLE] It was awful. I didn't think it was good either. Maybe in the middle. Maybe not I just think. You kind of lost interest. Some things should just not be made. You don't touch those. There's a show I watch designated survivor on I think ABC and it's about one of the congressmen. You know they have like this State of the union and they keep one of the congressman like in a locked up area in case anything happens. So like one night they had the state of the union and the entire place blew up. So now. Sorry if there's a spoiler for any of you Essence live. Good god. I mean you see them dead. So now this guy he's the head of housing is now the president of the United States. Is he black? White. Okay, great. Okay. [CROSSTALK] He's over- what's? No, the guy from 24. Is he [UNKNOWN]? Stop it. [LAUGH] Sorry, No, The guy's name from 24. What's the guy's name from 24? I don't know. Kiefer Sutherland. Yes, yes Kiefer Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland. This is a bad game of celebrity. What about veteran shows? Empire. Scandal, are we still checking for those? Not gonna lie, fell off Empire. How to Get Away with Murder, let's talk about it. Never on Empire. The first season was intriguing. Second season, you know once you got out of that gorilla, what was that? It was a gorilla costume. My God. After that it went all the way down. Like when Marlena was the devil on Days of Our Lives. So, and I can't. He can't sing every episode. [UNKNOWN] No, not open yet. Opens it and closes it and I can't do it. His baritone is just too much. [LAUGH] It's overwhelming. At the end of the day, it's good to have black television of course, you know what I mean? But if we actually can talk about it, Empire gives me anxiety. The highs are high and the lows are low every two seconds. But wait, we're losing. What's up with that? Just like that. It's too much. [CROSSTALK] every episodes, it's the same thing every episode. That's not how- And then they haven't shoot out once that I didn't understand. They were [UNKNOWN] each other's artist from other labels. It was too much. And [CROSSTALK] wanna shoot each other in the [UNKNOWN] Parking lot and I was just like this [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] West Coast [INAUDIBLE]. Family oriented, there's a [INAUDIBLE] I know it. Actually [INAUDIBLE] whatsoever. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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