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[BLANK_AUDIO] This year also got huge play on TV, specifically on shows starring people of color. But what do you think was the best new show? Insecure? Atlanta, Queen Sugar or Luke Cage? So I'm gonna go one by one, Ray I'm gonna start with you. Who's your vote? This is so hard. I wanna say that we love Queen Sugar, because this is your additional Brown family. Everybody has that aunt who has that boyfriend that's too young, everybody has that sister. [LAUGH] Who sells [UNKNOWN], everybody has that bushy sister who is just Like she act like she didn't grow up in the projects. So I wanna say Queen Sugar but ATL was just so good. So you're kind of on the fence. It was so good. I'm gonna go with ATL. It's so good. You're gonna go with ATL? And Lena? I felt like it was about my life. Okay. And Lena for Ray? Michelle who you got? You know what, can I just say both? I wanna say insecure And Atlanta cuz I feel like, how hard is it to be under 40 and you have no ties to Hollywood and you're just expressing your story and writing books and building fans? Yeah. And you never even had a dad that was a Hollywood director. Right. Right. Yeah. And you're speaking to a generation that needs Seems to be represented and how awesome is that that you're doing it and I want to give a shot out to Donald too because it's really hard to do stuff on cable. To talk about touchy subjects on cable and he does it really well. I feel that, Eastside yes, HBO all day because I want to see people have sex because it's very important to a relationship show. It's integral to the story line What Atlanta? I mean, the way he's kind of incorporated the music and everything, and just like real life. And it's kinda like trying to figure out your way, but also, dont' feel sorry for me. It's like, if you had to pick one? Why do I have to pick one? [LAUGH] End of the year. We're being serious. Yeah. [NOISE] Okay [INAUDIBLE] talking to a girl. Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta. Okay Atlanta [INAUDIBLE] It is secure. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] you guys. It is secure. I'm just gonna complete the sweep by Atlanta. Like that's my life, broke, was my life, broke trying to figure it out with my friends, trying to figure it out with my girl, trying to figure it out with the industry, trying to figure out with people in general. Specifically when he was at dinner with his girl I couldn't afford to pot to piss in and I've been in that situation plenty of times and it's not fun but to see it now acted out, it's like, wow Wow, that's what it looks like. Okay, so the panel swept for Atlanta. Yeah, yeah, so. Kayla, what are they saying out there on Facebook? Hey, so a little bit more of a mixed bag. So Norma Jean says, Queen Sugar, but loves Blue Cage because we need more black superheroes. I wish our black writers could keep some family matriarchs together. Evelyn Tenney says, She's voting for Luke Cage, [UNKNOWN] is voting for Queen Sugar, [UNKNOWN] said didn't watch Atlanta or Luke Cage but I love the others. No. Wow. Cici, one for insecure. Alicia [UNKNOWN] Luke Cage then Queen Sugar than Gray leaf than Insecure than Daily Show. Wow. Too much, too much. A lot of Queen Sugar coming in Damn it, forgot about Greenleaf, okay. Okay. So are you ready to find out who the winner is? Yeah. Yes. All right, so you casted your vote. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Dun dun dun. And for the best fall TV show we have Insecure, Atlanta Queens Sugar, Lou Cage and he winner is Queen Sugar by a landslide because it's from Louisiana. Hashtag [INAUDIBLE]. It's a really great show. I like that. It's a great show, it's a great show. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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