This year brought many exciting gifts — but especially on social media.

Not only did the universe give us new dance crazes and catch phrases, but also some truly unbelievable celebrity moments.

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we remember some of the most unforgettable viral moments of 2018 that took over Black Twitter and beyond.

The Squat And Squint That Had Us All Looking For The Share Button

When Kalin Elisa jokingly posted a picture, recovering from doing too much for the ‘gram while clutching her knees, she had no idea that she would become one of the yearโ€™s favorite memes.

Used for everything from trying not to snap on a coworker to that weird thing we all do by turning the radio down so we can look for the correct address — it fit every situation.

Elisa took it in stride, engaging with her new followers and tweeting that the experience was a โ€œtreatโ€ for her.

โ€œMy goal is life to put as many smiles on as many faces as I can before I leave this earth,โ€ she added.

#Squatbae indeed.

Cardi B. As A Baby Tattletale

A childhood photograph of baby Belcalis looking like she was about to throw some shade, or someone under the bus, exploded this summer prompting everyone to run to their timelines to post their own version of the meme.

Even the rapper got in on the fun, posting it herself with the caption, “Too funny cause I was a smart a-s like this.”

Lebron James Reclaiming His Time

After leaving his all on the court, the last thing LeBron James wanted to do was talk about his teammates shortcomings in the standard post-game press conference.

Midway through being peppered with questions about JR Smith, who made a huge mistake during the NBA Finals, he decided to excuse himself. Moments later, he buttoned up his suit jacket, clasped his bag and provided us with a whole mood.

His parting words? โ€œBe better tomorrow.โ€

Nicki Minaj Gifted Us Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj gave Funkmaster Flex a run for his money last fall when she used her Beats 1 radio show to drop bombs on her enemies.

Receipts were pulled, allies were enlisted, and the road was paved โ€œTO FREEDOM,โ€ or at the very least a heck of a lot of laughs.

Shiggy Putting Us All In Our Feelings

When viral video star Shiggy created a dance routine to Drakeโ€™s โ€œIn My Feelings,โ€ the Scorpion track morphed into not only a single, but a social media sensation that was so big it made the real โ€œKekeโ€ speak out.

Young Thug And Lil Durk Making Studio Magic

Thugger and Durk looking a tad bit confused was one photo we could all relate to this year. It reminded us all of that time we tried to figure out Limewire with the help of Windows 98. Talk about triggered.

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