A Definitive List Of The Best Black TV Shows Of The Decade

It’s coming to the end of a decade (although an editor here aptly pointed out that technically the 2010s don’t end until January 1, 2021). Still! It’s about that time to rank the best TV shows of the decade.

The small screen really came back with a vengeance these past 10 years, bringing with it cliffhanging storylines, bingeworthy arcs and Black excellence in front of the camera and behind.

From Scandal’s history-making premiere, marking the first time a network television show starred a Black woman in nearly 40 years, to Pose, which broke ground as the most transgender actors ever cast on a series, this decade paved the way for some amazing storytelling. And the viewers are thankful for it.

Here is ESSENCE’s very definitive list of the best TV shows of the last decade. (And by the way, these are in no particular order.)

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