Things Get Tense On Being Mary Jane
Getty Images

Looks like it’s about to get tense around the office for Mary Jane.

After being wined and dined by a producer, Mary Jane finds out that the job she thought was lined up isn’t in the bag. In a sneak peek from the premiere of Being Mary Jane, MJ is called into the office of her mentor, and possible frenemy, Ronda Sales, played by Valarie Pettiford. Soon, our beloved MJ finds out that Ronda isn’t planning to leave her gig anytime soon and Mary Jane isn’t about to be the co-anchor for “Great Day USA.” Welp!

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Shocked by the news, MJ wonders why the producer would even tempt her with the position if it wasn’t open. The obvious answer, according to Ronda, is that producers want to pit the two women against each other for ratings. The drama!

Being Mary Jane premieres January 10 at 10p.m. on BET.