WATCH: ‘Barry’ Trailer Gives Us A First Look Into The Life Of Obama In College

The trailer for the new Netflix film Barry is finally here.

We’ve seen this already with Richard Tanne’s Southside With You, a fictional reading of a young Barack and Michelle on their first date in 1989. The film premiered at Sundance this year to critical acclaim.

Next in line is Barry, a movie that follows the future president in his junior year at Columbia University in 1981. If you have read his autobiography Dreams of My Father, you will know that his time at Columbia was pivotal in developing his political thoughts on race and government.

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“Before he gave hope, before he created change…” the trailer reads. “He was Barry.”

The film stars Australian actor Devon Terrell as Obama in his debut acting performance. It was written by Adam Mansbach (Wake The Fuck Up) and directed by Vikram Gand.

Check it out on Netflix Dec. 16. Until then, catch the trailer below.