R&B Songstress Ayanis Taps Mack Wilds In Video For New Cuffing Season Bop, 'Wait A Minute'

A new voice on the R&B scene has the perfect song to heat up your winter playlist.
Rachaell Davis Nov, 16, 2018

Winter has officially arrived and a new voice on the R&B music scene has the perfect bop to heat up your cuffing season playlist.

Atlantic Records songstress Ayanis keeps it sweet and simple with a hint of subtle seduction in the video for her latest single, “Wait A Minute.” The second track off of her debut EP, Direction, “Wait A Minute” hears the 24-year-old southern belle deliver melodic vocals over a mid-tempo beat as she ponders what could become of a budding romance with a potential new bae.

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The song’s catchy chorus is sure to give listeners a welcome dose of nostalgia with a nod to Next’s 1997 hit, “Too Close.”

The visual for the song sees fellow artist and actor Mack Wilds bring his on-screen talents back to the music video world (who can forget his starring cameo as Adele’s love interest in the video for “Hello” ?!).  This time, we see him step into the role of a cute new neighbor in Ayanis’ apartment building who has certainly caught her eye and vice versa.

Check out the video for “Wait A Minute” above.