Black-ish star Anthony Anderson has much to celebrate. 

In addition to the show being Golden Globe nominated, Anderson just received his first nomination as well. We recently caught up with the actor to find out how the cast celebrated and who he’s taking to the ceremony this year. 

“I’m very excited about my individual nomination, but I’m really proud of the nomination for the show,” Anderson told ESSENCE about his excitement over the nomination and whether or not the Black-ish cast had any plans to celebrate. “My reaction was that of shear excitement and surprise. You never know how these nominations will go since this is all subjective,” he added. “As far as me and the rest of the Black-ish cast celebrating our nominations, we took a moment out of our day to congratulate our entire cast and crew. Then we went back to making the magic that we call Black-ish.”

Earlier this year, Anderson attended the Emmys with his mother and daughter and while he’s not sure who he’s bring to the Golden Globes, his daughter has already volunteered to come along.

“I’m not sure who I will be taking to the Golden Globes just yet,” Anderson said. “But when my daughter called to congratulate me, the next words out of her mouth were, ‘how many tickets do you get?’ So it’s safe to say that my daughter is already positioning herself for a seat at the table!”

Anderson’s Golden Globe nomination is just another cherry on top of a great year. The actor also got to team up with his friend Chef Michael Symon for the Lipton Chef Fest and show the crowd his cooking skills, which he says he picked up thanks to his mom’s bingo obsession growing up.

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“I’m a self-taught cook. This all started when my mother became obsessed with bingo,” he explained, “One afternoon after coming home from work, my mother called me to the front door as she was leaving and said to me, ‘Your father is gonna be hungry when he comes home for work, so you’re gonna need to cook something.'” Thanks to his Julia Childs obsession, Anderson was able to whip up a good meal that left his dad wowed. “My father said, ‘Your mother put her foot in this?’ And I said, ‘Pops, moms didn’t cook this, I did.’ So he said, “What are you cooking tomorrow?”

And that was how I learned and started cooking.”