Amerie Returns With 'Darker And Moodier' Double Album, Her First In 9 Years

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Her double albums are titled '4AM Mulholland' and 'After 4AM.'
Keyaira Boone Oct, 19, 2018

Amerie is back with a ton of new music.

Nine years after her last label effort, she released a double-album titled 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM, respectively.

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She spoke to Billboard about how her fresh, new music differs from her previous work, calling it “darker and moodier.”

“As I was recording, I wasn’t trying to limit in any way. I was feeling very, very creative,” she said of her projects. “I had just came off of writing a new story and I wanted to go full-out into the recording process. I didn’t want the album to be a smorgasbord of sound; it needs to have a vibe.”

The vibes on her previous projects including All I Have, Touch, and Love & War earned her Grammy nominations for Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best R&B Female Vocal Performance in 2006. She also released an EP in 2006 called Drive.

She might not have been releasing much music in the past nine years, but she still found a way to express her creativity and engage with fans during her hiatus. She’s penned several novels, edited an anthology and also started a digital book club on her YouTube channel where she reviews titles.

We’re so looking forward to vibing out all weekend thanks to Amerie.