Alicia Keys Creates A Refreshing Experience With ‘Show Me Love’ Visuals
RCA Records

Alicia Keys is taking music videos to the next level.

The Grammy Award winning singer premiered the video for her new single “Show Me Love” earlier this week with an incredible visual sonic installation at New York City’s Dolby Soho, featuring a surprise appearance from Miguel.

The installation includes one-shot scenes featuring Michael B. Jordan, Miguel, Zoe Saldana and her hubby Marco Perego Saldana.

“Show Me Love” is an exploration of love, showing the ins and outs, and highs and lows. “I have been on this journey to be more vulnerable; in my life, in my music; and this new visual experience reflects this time,” Keys said in a statement about the installation. “‘Show Me Loves’ displays different expressions of love, the journey of it, the push and pull, the struggle and the eventual joy and peace.”

The installation, located at 477 Broadway, is open to the public until September 22 but if you can’t make it, then you can see the visuals for the new single below.


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