After the Show: ‘Scandal’ Inside the Bubble Recap

As Olivia put on her white hat and rode in to try to rescue a college friend who possibly killed her own daughter to keep her affair a secret and hang on to her lavish lifestyle, many of those in the head gladiator’s orbit seemed to go off the rails.

  • Cyrus continued to act against type by naively falling for a prostitute. Now that they’ve sealed the deal and Cy is clearly enamored, The Republican team has some leverage on him and it’s only a matter of time before they come to hime with an offer he can’t refuse. I’m really going to need Cyrus to wise up and get monstrous again before it’s so bad that he can’t fix things.
  • But hey, he could always go to David for some blackmail advice since the new Attorney General has fully gone over to the dark side, heading to his boxes of dirty files whenever he needs to get his way. This can only end badly for him, right? Because ultimately, David doesn’t have the same commitment to awfulness that the rest of those DC players have.
  • I was ready to be so optimistic about Mellie’s return from the edge. She was able to skip her daily trip to her son’s grave. She was back in her First Lady uniform. She was excited about helping a wrongly accused wife (no parallels there, huh?). But ultimately she was still painfully out of touch with reality, having enlisted top members of the cabinet in her cause when the point was already moot and the woman cleared. Maybe some more time with the Uggs and chips wouldn’t be so bad.
  • Jakey Jake, you’re moving from that very sexy dominant thing you had going on to a petulant wishing-I-was-your-boyfriend territory that is not a good look. Not to mention that your big play with Papa Pope was a bust. You played your hand too soon and now you need to actually follow through and tell Olivia that her dad had Harrison and the president’s kid killed. No idle threats with Command. You should know that by now.
  • Quinn is fully commited to her twisted/creepy paramours, isn’t she? A couple of hours locked in a room with Charlie (what the hell, Jake?) as he worked on her self esteem and she was back in his murdery arms. At least Huck was ready to go back to being her people, vowing to notice if she ever went missing for 24 hours again. There’s that, right? As long as there’s no more kissing, okay?

Side notes for Olivia: First, no scarf in bed, Olivia? Really? And, you’re possibly the only person who wouldn’t scream upon waking up to Huck hovering over you. Well played.


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