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After the Show: 'How to Get Away with Murder' Episode 3 Recap

After watching tonight’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, I’m left with three important truths.
After the Show: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Episode 3 Recap

After watching tonight’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder, I’m left with three important truths:

Truth #1: Wes Gibbons is not naïve. Within 10 minutes of episode 3, Wes is contemplating a plan to get in and see his jailed neighbor Rebecca, who’s been arrested for attempted murder. Then he’s asking to be hooked  up with Connor’s hacker boyfriend so he can break into a locked phone—which Wes discovers belongs to the dead girl (who may or may not have been killed by his boss’s husband). From there, we learn Wes has all kinds of skills: making fake IDs, lying to get what he wants, and burning bodies to name a few. But, wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Truth #2: Annaliese Keating could care less about your feelings. When Michaela’s visiting fiancé Aiden (heeeyyy) tries keeping his girl in bed, she tells him smiling “Professor Keating doesn’t care” that they were overdue for some loving. But that’s where the playfulness ends. Annaliese, after eying Aiden, threatens Michaela not to be late again. Then she barks at Frank that he should “leave the lawyering to the actual lawyers.” And after Wes’s impassioned speech that it isn’t fair Rebecca’s being used a pawn, Annaliese’s “I’m not impressed” look says it all. But she does get her feelings hurt by her boyfriend, Nate, who goes digging from Yale to Philly for her hubby Sam Keating’s alibi. When Nate tells Annaliese what she wants to hear—all lies—she tries to repay him with a thigh rub. Then he coldly passes on her advances. On Twitter, @essencemag sided with Nate on this one and Tweeted, “Annalise wants to have her chocolate cake and eat it too.”

Truth #3: Michaela Pratt has a plan—and a Vera Wang dress. Back to Michaela and that cute fiancé (who’s played by Brit Elliot Knight). When Connor recognizes her boo from boarding school and proceeds to tease her about a late night tryst, Michaela starts doubting their future. Annaliese adds another layer of mistrust—during a rare girl-I-see-you moment—when she warns Michaela to chose her husband carefully because “you’ll only have yourself to blame if it ends badly.” In the end, Aiden confesses his boy-on-boy moment wasn’t as salacious as Conner made it seem and Michaela gives Aiden another chance—not before threatening if he lied again she’d divorce him and take away any of his political dreams. I do hope Michaela gives Connor a good old fashioned Clair Huxtable-esque read the next time her fiancé’s name comes out of his mouth. #DatMurda– Black Twitter’s unofficial hashtag for the show– would be all for that.

Best of #DatMurda

Favorited by Shonda herself: @HerSoulWrites: Last thought on #DatMurda: Wes TOTALLY got wait listed b/c he didn’t play up he was the President of the Black Student Union at Hogwarts.