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After the Show: 'Black-ish' Covers Coded Language and Colored Commentary

Good ol' coded language was at the epicenter of last night's episode of black-ish.
After the Show: ‘Black-ish’ Covers Coded Language and Colored Commentary

Good ol’ coded language was at the epicenter of last night’s episode of black-ish. Sidebar: this episode’s subject matter came at just the right time considering what is happening in the headlines—from Mike Brown to Eric Garner. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to black-ish.

As Andre and his family attend a baseball game, the Little League announcer refers to Jack as a natural athlete who “runs like a panther” and was “born to steal.” Coded language 101. Rainbow is incesed by this. Andre is ready to pull out his “African-American Race Card,” but alas, he finds nothing coded about the announcer’s words. White moms at the game are starting to look at Bow like she’s crazy (surprise, surprise!) for what she deems as offensive language.

Dre’s not supporting Bow in public is the express route to sleeping on the couch. So he knows he has to fix things. Now they’re at an art show and she’s that Black girl who knows about art. Except she’s speaking about Magritte, not Matisse, so she’s looking a little cray. Dre says nothing because he know better than to contradict her in public. He’s wrong. Again. Poor guy spends the whole episode being wrong.

Moral of the story: Where is Pops when you need him?

Favorite lines:
Dre: Not only is it fair, it’s by design. Your mother and I waited eight years after you were born before having more children so we could take advantage of moments like this.
Rainbow: That’s what I call planned parenthood.

“He said Jack was born to steal bases, not TVs”

Random thoughts:
I almost fell over when I saw Jack and Diane’s drawers packed with dollars and lollipops.

The flashlights in the face scene was hilarious.

What were your favorite moments from black-ish?