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ABC's 'Good Times' Live Reboot Was Full Of Nostalgia And Laughs

From original star John Amos to Oscar winner Viola Davis, the cast was the best part of the ABC live remake.

When ABC tapped Oscar winner Viola Davis,Tiffany Haddish and When They See Us star Jharrel Jerome for a new live Good Times special, they knew what they were doing.

The all-star cast carried the second of the network’s Live in Front of a Studio Audience show, in which Good Times aired alongside a live remake of All in the Family.

A gap-toothed Davis and Andre Braugher played Florida and James Evans; Haddish played Willona Woods, and Jay Pharoah, Asante Blackk, and Corinne Foxx portrayed J.J., Michael and Thelma Evans, respectively.

Another highlight was legend Patti LaBelle and Black-ish star Anthony Anderson performing the song’s iconic theme song.

The biggest and brightest surprise of the night was the appearance of the original Good Times star John Amos. His role as a politician vying to win votes in the project election received thunderous applause from the live studio audience.

A visit by former cast members Bernnadette Stanis, who played the original Thelma, Jimmie Walker, the original J.J., and Ja’net Dubois, the original Wilona, also heightened the nostalgia of the night. The three waved as audiences went to commercial break.

The episode titled “The Politicians” saw a young Jerome playing Amos’ much younger opponent, who ultimately doesn’t win the election much to Florida Evans’ dismay.

We loved it!