After 'The Bobby Brown Story' We're Dying To See These 12 Biopics

There are quite a few talented stars, and groups with a legacy, that are ready for the Hollywood treatment.
Sydney Scott Sep, 07, 2018

After the success of BET’s The Bobby Brown Story—and previously The New Edition Story—we’d be lying if we said we weren’t dying for more biopics.

Based on R&B star Bobby Brown’s 2016 memoir Every Little Step, The Bobby Brown Story, which premiered earlier this week, dove into the former bad boy’s tumultuous relationships, addictions, and incredible career.

The drama of the mini-series, and highlights of Brown’s career, recently got us thinking that there are quite a few acts who deserve the Hollywood treatment.

So we compiled a quick list of stars we’d like to see on the big (or small or laptop) screen.

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We'd like to believe that Destiny's Child is just on a loooooonng hiatus, but that's unlikely. Still, the girl group, which originally started off with four members, has a well-known history that could make for a pretty awesome mini-series.

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As one of the most revered 90s R&B groups, Jodeci has worked with some of music's most recognizable names and influenced many others. The group also faced its fair share of drama, which would make for quite the film. There were talks last year of a possible biopic, but so far there hasn't been much else.

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It would be hard to do Prince right as the late singer was in a league of his own and an enigmatic force, but we'd still love to see someone give it a shot. In 2016, it was announced that a documentary about the singer was on the way, but there hasn't been much news on that front.

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The late icon's legacy is well-known as is his tumultuous life. Gaye's estate is notoriously protective of his legacy and only two stars have been lucky enough to get their blessing for a biopic. In 2016, Jamie Foxx landed the rights for a limited series, but like Jodeci and Prince, nothing has come of it. And, it was recently announced that Dr. Dre received permission to bring the singer's story to the big screen and is currently in talks to develop a film.

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With a velvet voice, Vandross' name is practically synonymous with R&B. Vandross performed with a myriad of major artists in his early career before becoming the lead singer of Change, later embarking on an incredible solo career.

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Although Cooke was killed at the young age of 33, his classic R&B and soul hits will live on forever. With such a short life, there's much to be seen on the screen.

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The Isley Brothers have had an incredibly long career, influencing numerous artists, exploring various genres. Sadly, there are only two members, Ron and Ernie, alive today but it's not too late to tell their story and it would be amazing to have the brothers involved.

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While Omarion may not be interested in a B2K biopic, fans most certainly are. While the group was only active in the late 90s and early 2000s, the band's brief time together had a lasting impact.

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Rick James lived an incredibly wild and freaky life. A 2007 documentary explored a bit of it, featuring the singer and stars like Dave Chappelle, the late Charlie Murphy, and George Clinton, but we'd be interested in seeing who would be cast as the singer if a biopic hit theaters.

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We'd be remiss not to include known hitmaker Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The megaproducer's biopic would be chock-full of insane studio moments with some of music's biggest names and would feature incredible music.

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Although Motown, The Musical did an amazing job of bringing Ross' live to stage, we'd love to see someone bring it to the screen. Not to mention, the iconic singer's biopic would include an amazing wardrobe. Perhaps her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross could portray her mother? There'd be no one better.

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Chaka Khan's life and career have been quite the rollercoaster with the singer battling addiction, bandmates, and personal demons. It would be a missed opportunity not to bring it to the screen.