10 Sex-Positive Black Characters We Love
Photo Credit: She’s Gotta Have It Production Stills Netflix

We don’t see Black women prioritizing their physical needs over others’ comforts on screen frequently but when we do it’s a pleasure. 

Some storytellers choose to promise grisly punishments or permanent settlements for the choice of having the audacity to engage in and (gasp) enjoy sex. But others have been weaving tales that paint what happens between the sheets as just another another part of everyday life. 

As a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy determined, “a holistic understanding of female sexuality includes examining sexual expression, pleasure, intimacy, and other dimensions of sex.” The writers, producers, and showrunners presenting sex-positive characters are expressing their ideas about what it means to be a Black woman in charge of your own sexuality smartly with sensitivity and fun.

Crossing education level, ages, professional spectrums, political ideologies and marital statuses these women have each opted to leave the respectability politics behind to develop interior lives that honor their desires and boundaries.

They are less concerned with what people will have to say about their behavior than the ways that it will make them feel. They are not perfect but their sexual appetites do not serve as detractors of their character.

Photo Credit: Run the World Season 1 2021 Starz

As they chase rewarding careers, complete educations, pursue personal goals, and fulfill family obligations these women make time to ensure they are getting what they want in their sex lives proudly discussing their beliefs at happy hours and brunches.

In monogamous couplings, open relationships, casual encounters and anonymous one night stands they each make choices that reflect what is best for them without apology.  

See 10 sex positive characters we have loved watching create their own rules about sex and love over the years below and cue up their shows to binge on Valentine’s Day weekend.