Although strictly a gospel singer during her time, Mahalia Jackson set the tone for gospel music and paved the way— in some instances providing literal mentorship— for household names and modern-day artists, who sing both secular and gospel songs. On April 3, Lifetime will premier Robin Roberts presents: Mahalia, a biopic on the iconic singer staring Danielle Brooks, that gives an inside look into the complexities of the life of the legend, which few know much about.

Jackson, who died at the age of 60, lived her life fully according to the word of God. Her voice carried people through from the ’40s to the ’70s, crossing boundaries even when racism threatened her at her front door. Her efforts in her career and community became the blueprint for a number of artists that followed. But only now is the fullness of her story being told. Here are 10 facts to know about the beloved singer ahead of her biopic’s debut.