Last night I spent the evening with Michelle Obama in my living room.

Wellllll, truthfully, I was in my living room listening to the first episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast where she’s chatting with her husband and our former president Barack Obama. The intimacy of their conversation was audio gold, and not because they were speaking from cozy chairs and wearing at home leisure, but because the openness of Michelle’s personality as an interviewer. Her relatability speaking with guests as notable as she is surely resets the bar of excellence for podcasting.

During the preview episode of the series, which is a partnership with Spotify and Higher Ground Productions, Michelle shares what lit the spark of starting a podcast. She outlines this opportunity was less about wanting to speak about her time as First Lady but more about sharing cherished memories of “the way you feel when you’re sitting, sorting through life with a bunch of friends,” Michelle said.

“The main truth of my story wasn’t anything I did as First Lady but the lifelong experiences I shared with the people I love, the conversations that helped me understand myself more clearly whenever I came to a fork in the road.”

With The Michelle Obama Podcast now added to our list of listening companions, we’re highlighting more Black women having conversations that matter as audiocasts. Below are few we’re loving at the moment: