Young And Woke Under 30: 12 Celebrity Women Who Lead By Example

With everything going on in the world today, having a platform and not using it to stand up for what you believe in is a thing of the past. While not everyone has openly embraced the social responsibility that comes along with being a public figure, there are also plenty of celebs who do so with pride and purpose.  

Here's a look at 12 fierce young celebrity women who have stepped up to the plate to lead by example in the fights against racism, sexim and classism. Plainly put, these fearless ladies are WOKE.


1 of 12 Stefanie Keenan/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Inspiring a natural-haired, melanin-drenched Marvel comic character named Riri Williams.

2 of 12 Ilya S. Savenok/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Um, have you HEARD her new number 1 album, A Seat At The Table?!

3 of 12 Rabbani and Solimene Photography

Most Woke Moment: Using her platform to constantly highlight the appropriation of Black culture in Hollywood and mainstream media.

4 of 12 Jacopo Raule/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Speaking out about police brutality against African-Americans and sexism in her cover story for Interview magazine.

5 of 12 D Dipasupil/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Publicly checking Giuliana Rancic for describing her beautiful faux locs hairstyle on the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet as probably smelling like "patchouli oil and weed."

6 of 12 Tommaso Boddi/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Using her platforms to spread awareness about the many social injustices targeting African-Americans.

7 of 12 Jonathan Leibson/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Speaking on the importance of representation and diversity in Hollywood during an interview with Teen Vogue. She described her portrayal of her 'Black-ish' character Zoe as "activism through my art."

8 of 12 Jason LaVeris/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Being moved to tears while discussing how Black people today still carry the pain of the inhumane treatment of African-Americans during slavery at the 2016 Revolt Music Conference.

9 of 12 Presley Ann/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Refusing to subject herself to the racism and sexism present within the practice of typecasting women of color and women in general in Hollywood.

10 of 12 Harry How/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Leading her teammates in a movement to support Black Lives Matter by wearing t-shirts bearing the organization's name during pre-game WNBA warm ups, despite knowing they'd be fined for it later.

11 of 12 Todd Williamson/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Making it plain that the fight for Black lives shouldn't have limitations with the quote: "You can't pick and choose when Black Lives Matter," said during a World Aids Day event interview alongside brother Jussie Smollett.

12 of 12 Sean M. Haffey/Getty images

Most Woke Moment: Using her platform as a history-making Olympic gold medalist to bring awareness to police brutality against African-Americans.