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Hey, world. It's Christina Coleman with and today we're spotlighting young, bright talent in the community. From a seven year old food truck owner to a socially conscious clothing designer? To an intern at Barack Obama's White House? We just wanna say, we see you. First up, seven year old Kyleigh from Little Rock Arkansas. This girl owns a food truck in her town, seriously. Kyleigh's lemonade stand began as a literal lemonade stand in her front yard, and people loved it. So Kyleigh's mom Gabrielle, who by the way is an entrepreneur herself, Wanted to help her daughter create and manage something all her own. Kylie says her goal is to expand the business. She wants to open shops in other states and to bottle her lemonade and sell it in stores. She also loves to read and plans to write a book when she's older. Next, 11-year-old Kheris. After being bullied for her deep skin tone, she developed a clothing line called Flexin In My Complexion. It all started when big sister Taylor posted a photo of Kheris completely owning her beauty. The photo went viral and inspired Kheris to create Flexin in my Complexion with her sisters help. And surprise, surprise, she's getting a lot of love for it. Even Snoop Dogg shouted her out. Kheris hopes to grow the brand And continue encouraging people of all skin tones to love their skin and love themselves. And finally, 20 year old Matthew, who's currently interning as a management consultant at a top New York City consulting firm. Before that, he worked as a member of President Obama's final class of White House interns. Mind you, this is all while he works toward a dual degree in finance and marketing at Florida State University. Matthew had big dreams from a young age, and wanted to make those dreams a reality. He applied and was accepted to the highly competitive Disney Dreamers Academy. It's a program dedicated to making a difference in young lives at a critical time, when high school students are thinking about their future. Matthew graduated from the program determined as ever. He had found a new level of courage and confidence to pursue his dream. And now, he's living it. Want to be inspired and live out your dreams as a future leader? Then check out for more details about the program. Upon acceptance as a Disney dreamer, you will receive a four day, all expense paid trip, where you'll learn more about their hands on workshops. Mentoring programs, inspirational sessions, networking opportunities, Special entertainment and fun at Disney theme parks. Applications are open now through October 31st, 2017. Until next time.

Sponsored: We See You, We Celebrate You

Sponsored: We See You, We Celebrate You


Watch’s Christina Coleman as she shouts out young talent, like a 7-year-old food entrepreneur and the 11-year-old with her own clothing line.

Plus, meet Matthew, a 20-year-old who interned with Obama and is now pursuing a dual degree while working for a top firm in NYC—he found his confidence and courage at the Disney Dreamers Academy.

Got big dreams too? Then check out for more details about the program and apply today!