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Watch The Best Black Momma Advice Your Faves Have Ever Received

"Baby, don't you be nobody's fool." I won't momma.
Tyler Perry’s new movie, Nobody’s Fool, sounds like the type of advice you can only get from a Black momma: “Baby, don’t you be nobody’s fool!” To which we would all say, “I won’t momma!” So when ESSENCE was on the red — well, purple — carpet premiere of Nobody’s Fool in New York City earlier this week, we asked the cast to recall some of their momma’s best advice. Tiffany Haddish recalled, “Try me one more time, I’m gon’ beat you to the pink meat!” Tyler Perry added, “Keep crying, I’m gon’ give you something to cry about!” Triggered yet? Check out some of the best Black momma advice your faves have ever received. Nobody’s Fool opens Friday.