Meet Madison Jade. She’s only 4-years old, but the Instagram-fashionista is the only life coach you’ll ever need.

Madison’s words of wisdom caught attention after one particular post – where the precocious tot adamantly states that girls shouldn’t listen to boys started going viral.

“Don’t listen to [boys]. Focus on your own self,” she insists. “Boys need to focus on their own self. Girls do not focus on boys, because sometimes boys hurt girls feelings.”

“When you’re a girl you don’t want nobody to hurt you, right?” she continues. “So don’t listen to boys because they can hurt your feelings. Like they hurt my feelings.”

And there is the crux of the issue. Like any good life coach, Madison is just trying to help us learn through her own mistakes. Apparently, even at 4-years-old, she knows what it’s like to be burned.

It was all good in Madison’s book last October, when she insisted she was old enough to have a boyfriend.

“I love boys,” she said laughing as she explained to her mother why she needed a “little” boyfriend.

In a few short months, she found the truth out. Don’t focus on them boys for nothing, baby girl.


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