School is back in session, and teachers are coming up with creative ways to keep kids focused in the classroom.

For geography teacher Erica Buddington, this meant turning one of the hottest jams of the summer into a classroom bop. She remixed Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” into a tune that would teach her class about the contents, hemispheres and oceans.

And the kids loved it.

In a video she tweeted, Buddington can be heard rapping her new tune to her 6th grade class at Capital Harlem School in New York City. And they are pretty much losing their minds. 

Here are some of her lyrics:
Now you want what? Me? Me? Me? To point you to the east?/
I’d point right, like Australia, sweltering in the heat/
Line it up with the equator, it’s not Algebra/
we’ll turn up the temperature like we’re in Africa/
Honestly, pardon me, I’ll just give you the data/
“It’s second to the earth’s biggest continent – it’s Asia!

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The song immediately went viral within the school. Buddington tweeted that she gave each student a copy of the lyrics at the end of class – and they knew the entire song by the morning.


The song had another fan: Cardi B!  The rapper retweeted the clip saying, “OMMMMGGG I LOVE THIS I NEED THIS FOR MY IG !!!”

We love it!