Mother of ‘Marack Obama’ Viral Sensation: “’My Daughter Asks Me Thousands Of Questions ALL Of The Time’
Taylor Garcia/Instagram

Five-year-old Taylor James has always been curious.
Recently, for example, she was obsessed with why elves make toys with their hands if they have magic. 

But her affinity for asking questions made her famous this week after a video of her asking her mother about the election went viral.
“This all started because she wanted to know, ‘where did Barack Obama go?’ And ‘where is the president’s house.’ She is still mad,” her mother Tabitha Garcia, 30, captioned the video.

Part 2 😂

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“I did not prompt her with any of this,” Garcia tells ESSENCE, explaining that the conversation started after they drove by a house that had Taylor wondering if it was where the commander-in-chief lives. “My daughter asks me thousands of questions ALL of the time.”

Taylor’s interest in the political process began when her pre-school set up a mock election between a pizza and a hamburger to teach the kids about voting. The school briefly touched on the two presidential candidates — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — but her interest was further piqued because Garcia watches CNN every day.

“So after she learned about the two presidential candidates at school she began to ask questions about who they really were at home,” the Houston-based teacher explained of her daughter.

And like many of us, Taylor’s emotions were strongly attached the the outcome of the election. She even became upset once she realized Clinton lost.

😂 She really thought I was going to tell the president lol

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But Garcia has tried to stay away from the topic of politics when possible: “We only talk about it because she brings it up,” she said. “We discussed Barack Obama a long time ago because I have a bobble-head Barack Obama at home and she wanted to know why I had a toy in my room. So I had to tell her who he was.”

The animated pre-schooler, who apparently gets her energy from her mama, has other things to keep her interested; she is currently keen on science, reading and spelling.

As for fame? It is better Taylor doesn’t know about her new-found viral popularity.

“I tried to tell her that a lot of people saw her video, but she cried because she thought I was saying people were laughing at her.”

She added: “I told her that people liked the video and thought she was smart. Then she stopped crying. After that I just let it go.”

We doubt this is the last time we get to see Taylor flex her smarts!