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#SameBae Woman Says She's Been Asked About Writing Television Scripts  

After she went viral for sharing the story of how she caught her boyfriend cheating, Ayana the Diva talks to us about what's next.


In an internet society, all the good and bad that happens during the course of one day can easily go viral. Ayana the Diva is a testament to this as the restaurant employee recently had Twitter in a frenzy over her account of finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her with a co-worker.

In the series of tweets, the 26-year-old breaks down how she was casually chatting with her co-worker when she found out she was dating the same man Ayana lives with.

“Well he has definitely reached out now that the story has gone viral,” Ayana told ESSENCE. “We’ve only been communicating through text messages so he can retrieve his things.”

When asked what was most surprising about the entire inicdent, she says it was how close the young lady lived to them. “The most surprising part was that my coworker lived only six freaking houses down!”

But aside from the tragedy —or triumph, however you place finding your partner is no good— her writing was invigorating and incredibly descriptive, similar to Zola, the Hooters waitress who went viral in 2016 for an insane real-life crime story. 

“I do enjoy writing,” Ayana the Diva said. “I have gotten a ton of feedback about how good and detailed my Twitter thread was. I have been asked about writing scripts for TV shows, mini movies, skits, etc. I’m flattered that people were able to enjoy the read and feel like they were apart of the experience with us.”

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