Black Panther is the hottest ticket in the country!

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the middle school students of an Atlanta charter school lost their entire minds when they found out they’d be going to watch the movie for free.

Ron Clark, the famed founder of Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy, tweeted an epic video of the students’ reactions. The kids can be seen singing and dancing on tables in absolute joy.

“The moment all of our students found out we are all going to see #blackpanther together!” Clark said.

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Clark reposted the video on Instagram, further explaining that the school will provide added learning on the day of the movie screening.  

The moment we found out we are going to see #blackpanther

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“The students just found out we are all going to see BLACK PANTHER! We will have a day of cultural classes, African dancers, historical lessons and then we will all go see the film!” he wrote. “Turn up!!!!”