Rachel Dolezal Pleads Not Guilty To Welfare Fraud
Colin Mulvany—AP

Rachel Dolezal pleaded not guilty to welfare fraud on Wednesday.

Dolezal, who now goes by Nkechi Diallo, made an appearance in court in Spokane, Wash. to fight charges connected to income she made from her book, “In Full Color”, while also receiving welfare benefits, the New York Daily News reports.

According to court documents, Dolezal illegally received over $8,000 in food and childcare assistance while depositing nearly $84,000 over a two year period from her book sales, speaking engagements, and artwork sales. 

She is charged with first-degree theft by welfare fraud, second-degree perjury and false verification for public assistance. Dolezal has denied the charges, saying that she “fully disclosed her information.”

Dolezal entered national infamy after being outed for lying about her racial identity in 2015. She has recently been earning money through her hair braiding services.

A trial date has been set for Sept. 10. She is facing a 15-year prison sentence.