10 Of President Obama's Most Hilarious Quotes Referencing Black Culture In 2016

2016 has been a year filled with moments from our First Family that we'll forever cherish and many of the most unforgettable gems came courtesy of President Obama's unparalleled sense of humor. As we continue to celebrate Obama's final year as POTUS, here's a round up of 10 unapologetically Black quotes from the Commander-in-Chief that kept us laughing.

Rachaell Davis Nov, 18, 2016

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"It's like suddenly, reality TV has entered into the race for the presidency. It's not even Survivor, or The Bachelorette. I mean, it's like......some Love and Hip Hop stuff." -President Obama at a presidential campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

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"I do apologize, I know I was little late tonight. I was running on CPT. Which stands for, jokes that white people should not make." -President Obama at the 2016 WHCD referencing Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio's tasteless "CP Time" joke made earlier in the year

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"I wanna thank BET for agreeing to film Barack Obama's block party." - President Obama at BET's "Love And Happiness: An Obama Celebration" event

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"I need you to call up cousin Pookie and say, 'Pookie, it's time to vote.'" -President Obama at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Nevada

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"With that, I just have two more words to say: Obama, out." - President Obama channeling his inner Kobe Bryant during his final White House Correspondents' Dinner speech

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"Tell J.R. and everybody to put a shirt on, though. Can't be just walkin' around without a shirt for like, the whole week. Now Shumpert's taking off his shirt, Kyrie's takin off his shirt...come on, man. But I guess if you built like that, you know...." -President Obama while joking with Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue during a congratulatory call following their 2016 NBA Championship win.

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"In my final year, my approval ratings keep going up. The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide on my major." -President Obama joking about his college smoking habits during the 2016 WHCD

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"Work, work, work, work, work" -President Obama singing Rihanna's "Work" while slow jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon this summer

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"This event may be called "Love and Happiness" but, much to, I know, your sadness and disagreement, I will not be signing Al Green." -President Obama at the BET "Love And Happiness" event

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"Guests of the Kennedys apparently did The Twist in the East Room. May not sound like a big deal to you but, that was sort of the twerking of their time. It was bold. There will also be no twerking tonight. At least, not by me." -President Obama at BET's "Love And Happiness: An Obama Celebration."