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Michelle Obama Gives The Backstory For Her Side-Eye At Trump's Inauguration

So THAT'S what happened. 

This article originally appeared on HelloGiggles

Remember when Michelle Obama gave some serious side-eye on Trump’s inauguration day? Of course you do. The images were all over social media because people everywhere completely related to what they imagined FLOTUS was feeling during those moments. The side-eye was iconic, and now Michelle Obama has explained the actual story behind it.

Contrary to very popular belief, she wasn’t actually side-eyeing Melania Trump’s strangely-timed gift.

The former first lady (FFLOTUS) explained the situation at the American Institute of Architects convention on Monday. And even though it really super looked like she was Jim Halpert-ing the camera (which we were so into), she had other things on her mind.

Here’s FLOTUS not throwing shade:

And here’s what was actually going on: She was thinking about her daughters, Sasha and Malia.