Michael B. Jordan On Running An Inclusive Company: 'Creating Opportunities For Everybody Is Something We Do Daily'

Earlier this year, a number of celebrities announced that they would adopt an inclusion rider, which requires filmmakers to meet diversity benchmarks and ensure that minorities get opportunities within the entertainment industry. And, Michael B. Jordan was one of the many celebs who pledged to make a difference. In the June issue of ESSENCE, the actor stated, “Actions speak louder than words. I want to lead by example. I know I had an opportunity with the shows and projects I had coming up, to put it to work. It’s important to have diversity both in front of and behind the camera, and inclusion riders make sure that anyone who does business with my company knows that we expect there to be people of color, women, LGBT folks, and people with disabilities in key positions on our crews and productions staffs.” Recently, while in New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival, Jordan to spoke to the hosts of ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast and doubled down on his dedication to diversity. The actor told ESSENCE editorial director Yolanda Sangweni, entertainment director Cori Murray, and love and relationships senior editor Charli Penn that creating opportunities for minorities is something his company, Outlier Society, does ”daily.” “It’s one of those things, like, to everybody else it’s a thing, but that’s something I would do without thinking anyway,” the actor said. “For people of color…we’re naturally thinking about inclusion because we’re always from the outside looking in, most of the time. So, when you get your own company it’s like, of course, I’m going to hire women, people with disabilities, whatever. Whoever is the best person for the job. And, creating opportunities for everybody is something we do on the daily.” Listen to the full Yes, Girl! podcast interview with Jordan here: TOPICS: