As we continue our Women’s Month celebration, we’re taking a minute to shine a spotlight on the Caramel Curves of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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More than just members of NOLA’s most badass women’s biker club, the divas of the Caramel Curves are also part of a sisterhood that aims to inspire and empower women everywhere through their larger-than-life presence in their community and their fearless passion for riding.

“Women empowerment is what we’re all about,” Caramel Curves member Shanika Beatty, aka “Tru” told ESSENCE.  “Us being on motorcycles is the twist. We’re still girls, we still wear heels, we’re still feminine but, we’re pushing the boundaries and we love it.”

Simply put, the Caramel Curves are the queens of the city. And they wear their crowns well.

Scroll through to meet nine of the ladies from NOLA’s all-Black, all-female biker club and then head over to the @VisitNewOrleans IGTV page to see the Curves take three unsuspecting travel influencers on the ride of their lives through the city.


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