Surprise, Surprise: Auntie Maxine Is A Tupac Fan

Maxine Waters has become a symbol of strong Black womanhood, taking on Trump and reclaiming her time.


A member of California’s U.S. House of Representatives, Waters’ entire career has been about advocating for justice and calling out inequality.

Auntie Maxine has also become a pop culture icon with GIFs and images being shared across the Internet. In age of accessible politicians, Waters has become an affable, but tough personality, similar to our real aunties.

Recently, Waters appeared on The Breakfast Club, where she talked to the show’s hosts about everything from gun laws to hip-hop censorship and during the conversation, the congresswoman revealed that she’s a big Tupac fan. 

Waters told The Breakfast Club that the late rapper’s hit “Dear Mama” and his sensitivity are what drew her in. “That really struck me as somebody who not only was brilliant and smart and all of that, but had a real sensibility and a heart and an understanding that a lot of people don’t have. Tupac for me was very special and he was smart and I just… I loved him.”

Auntie Maxine went on to share that her love of hip-hop is why she fights so hard for the genre, which is often targeted by politicians who wish to censor it. “When you have people who are willing to challenge the establishment that is potentially dangerous for the establishment. So no, I don’t believe in censorship.”

“Don’t listen to it,” she said when asked what people should do if the music offends them. “What you don’t want your kids to hear or see, shut it down. But when you start to talk about limiting voices and opinions, I think that’s dangerous.”

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