The LGBT Community Totally Shut It Down With #LGBTbabes
Mark Roberts/Moni Butler/Twitter

Twitter is always full of wonderful hashtags and yesterday’s #LGBTbabes was no different. 

Created by Twitter user Aaron Wiseman, #LGBTbabes is a hashtag for the LGBT community to celebrate their flawlessness. 

“If y’all would like to participate in the hashtag #LGBTbabes that would be lit let’s appreciate & love each other,” tweeted Wiseman. And, Thursday afternoon, shortly after Wiseman tweeted the hashtag, it began to gain steam.

Look at all these beautiful people!










Even celebrities joined in to celebrate the beauty of the community. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz tweeted, “Various activities and lewks.”

Activist and writer Raquel Willis shared some “summer looks.”

And artist Zé Taylor blessed the timeline with his flawless bone structure. 

We hope to see more beautiful faces grace our timeline as people continue to support and contribute to #LGBTbabes.

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