The Hollywood Hills were all a buzz on Friday night for an Instagram event celebrating HBO’s newest series, A Black Lady Sketch Show. The cast led by Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, and Quinta Brunson sat down to watch the premiere episode while discussing what went into the heart of making such a revolutionary show. 

Since the announcement of the show, many have been excited to see some many creative Black women all share one screen. Each episode not only centers Black women’s thoughts on what’s happening in pop culture but makes history for being the first series to ever showcase an all-Black woman-led cast. 

“I just wanted to make something that was for us”, Thede said as she greeted the crowd right before the premiere.

Thede reminded us why the half-hour show would be some of the funniest content we were going to see, all because she had the backing of other powerful and talented women. “This is some Black a** sh** y’all,”  she joked with the crowd while reminding us that this was the moment that she had always been waiting for. 

Beyond the show’s long list of iconic cast members, the #BlackGirlMagic features on this show are also long. With cameos from Angela Bassett, Kelly Roland, and Nicole Byers all in just the first episode, the core cast of the show reminded everyone that the show is in fact a true celebration of what makes Black women amazing. “If you think episode one is funny, just wait,” said Brunson. 

Issa Rae, the show’s executive producer, shared a few words about what made her excited to be a part of this project, “ I’m just happy to know that I can open doors for other Black women in the industry,” she mentioned prior to the show airing. 

However, it was Thede who gave us the real breakdown of how the show came to be. “I had just learned that my show with BET ended, and Issa called me up the next day and was like, “C’mon sis, we are making a show.” 

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Talk about lift as you climb. 

In asking Yvette Nicole Brown what her thoughts were on the show after it’s the premiere, she expressed that she felt like this is a turning point for all Black entertainment and Black female comedians. “I feel speechless,” she shared, alluding to the need for more work like this. “This show is for us, by us. It’s made with Black women in mind and it feels like a game-changer in a world where Black women often aren’t given control of their own talent.” 

Brown went on to share that beyond the content of the show, what makes the effort behind the show so pure is how genuine it feels. “It feels like every single woman on the show had a moment to shine. It feels authentic. Every single one of those women put their heart into this and it shows.” 

A performance by Saweetie closed the night out reminding all in attendance why this show is so “Icy”. 

A Black Lady Sketch Show airs Fridays on HBO.