Black TV Actors Bring In Ratings, Win Awards, Yet Salaries Pale Compared to White Counterparts
Courtesy of ABC

Despite the fact the black-ish has garnered several Emmy nods for Best Comedy, Best Actress and Best Actor, its leads earn significantly less than their White counterparts on lower-rated shows.

Variety has released the reported salaries of several actors, including Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson.

Ross earns a reported $80,000 per episode, and Anderson commands $100,000—both substantially less than Tim Allen, who appears on Standing and makes $250,000 per episode. When stacked against each other, black-ish clocks in at almost double Standing’s viewership, according to Variety.

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Viola Davis, Oscar nominee and Emmy Award winner, also makes substantially less than her White colleagues in the drama sector. Davis brings in $250,000 per episode for her role on How to Get Away With Murder, while Ellen Pompeo, who plays on Grey’s Anatomy, takes home $400,000 per episode.

The leaked salary information sheds light on how the wage gap between race and gender persists at all levels. Television networks have not yet responded to the reports.