HBCU Homecoming Survival Kit: 17 Things You Can't Do Without

HBCU Homecoming season is here!

While you're planning your outfits, getting your crew together and deciding which events to attend, we've got a list of other things that you'll absolutely need to make sure your homecoming experience is one for the books. Whether you're an alum or a current student, check out our official HBCU Homecoming Survival Kit and let us know if there's anything we missed.

Rachaell Davis Oct, 19, 2016

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Sweating out your edges while swag surfing at a party or cheering on your favorite artist at a concert is inevitable. Don’t leave home without your trusty edge control, ladies.

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If you and your friends know you’ll likely be indulging in alcoholic beverages during homecoming weekend, be sure to identify a DD ahead of time. If you don’t have someone in your crew who doesn’t drink, a fair solution may be to rotate DD throughout the weekend. 21 and over, of course.

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No one wants to be that person who thought they had a hook up and got a rude awakening when they got to the door. Everyone “knows someone” around homecoming time, so make sure your have a working number or other method of contact for that guy who told you he could "get you and your whole crew in for free" or "added you to the VIP list." Stay woke.

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One of the biggest buzz kills during homecoming is not being able to attend an event because you didn’t have the proper identification on you, so triple check to make sure everyone in your crew has their actual IDs, student IDs, or both, before heading out for the day.

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As some of us have learned the hard way, having your phone die during any homecoming event is not the wave if you’re hoping to capture all the unforgettable moments that are sure to take place. Investing in a Mophie or some other type of back-up battery will be a life saver, trust us.

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Staying hydrated in between all of the running around you’ll be doing is a MUST. Keep a few water bottles on hand in the car, your room, or your bag so you won’t miss out on anything because you got sick. And don’t sleep on the Pedialyte, either!

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Scrambling to find tickets to events at the last minute is never fun, so be sure to check out the happenings and grab your tickets to the events you want to attend ahead of time. If you’re a real one, you might even grab an extra ticket or 2 for any unexpected weekend guests or that last-minute-Lucy in your crew.

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Repping your school exactly how you want to during homecoming week is also a major must, so make sure you have your outfits….and back up outfits…ready to go.

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We know you’ve been perfecting your Naomi Campbell walk all year long. Now is the time to show it off while you strut your stuff around campus for homecoming week!

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Whether it’s playing while you’re getting dressed or blasting through your speakers while you’re riding in the car from event to event, having your aux cord set or undefeated music playlist together is a MUST!

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Because, why not? It’s homecoming!

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Nothing makes for a great weekend full of memories like an irreplaceable crew! Planning your outfits, ticket purchases and everything else together can help make sure this is a definite AND make the pre-game process even more fun.

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While we certainly don’t want to minimize your fly in any way, keeping a bag on hand that can fit an extra charger, pair of flats or other things you might need is something to consider.

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While your dorm room or off-campus apartment may not be The Four Seasons, there are plenty of things you can do to make your traveling friends feel a little more welcome. Grab a couple of extra towels, blankets and some snacks on your next trip to the store; they’ll love you for it!

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It not be the easiest thing to lock in after party plans beforehand, but designating somebody in your crew to at least keep taps on what's popping after the official events are over will save you a world of time.

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There's no feeling quite like looking back on your homecoming pics and realizing that you slayed from sun up to sun down each day. Plan your looks ahead and maybe even get together with your friends to try them out to make the process even more fun!

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With so much going on, things can often happen that you don't expect. Keeping a plan B on ice for that dreaded moment when an event gets cancelled or moved to another day can keep the festivities going no matter what


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