Jordan Peele’s Interracial Horror Film ‘Get Out’ Has Everyone Shook And Here’s Why
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele of Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, is flipping the script on everything you’d expect in an American horror flick with the debut of his new trailer for Get Out – and he’s got everyone so shook!

A social commentary of sorts, Get Out, is the story of a young Black man, played by Daniel Kaluyaa, in an interracial relationship who travels with his girlfriend, who is white, to meet her very wealthy parents. The family’s estate is located in a suburb involved in some kind of weird, racially motivated conspiracy, according to the trailer.

Get Out definitely has everyone spooked and not just for the reasons you think.

American horror movies have a reputation for always killing off Black characters (usually very early on). Not only is Peele’s film lead a Black protagonist, he’s one in an interracial relationship.

The trailer also addresses white privilege and prejudice as demonstrated by the couple’s interaction with a police officer, and some crazy ish definitely goes down in that suburb based on the warning Kuluyaa’s character receives from a friend in the film.

Get Out doesn’t hit theaters until February 2017 but it’s already got people thoroughly creeped out. Check out the trailer below.

Kudos, Jordan Peele!


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