The 25 Funniest Memes and Gifs of 2016

Let's not kid ourselves, there were some pretty trying moments in 2016. Thank the internet gods for the bounty of hilarious pop culture inspired memes and gifs to get us through. What was life like before them? We can't say we recall. Crack up all over again while you check out this year's gems from twitter and instagram!

Joslyn Winkfield Dec, 23, 2016

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Me versus inner me...daily.

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Whoever pulled this gem from mother Shirley's gospel revival archives struck Thanksgiving gold.

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Can't...breathe...laughing...too hard.

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Album cover, phone background, viral meme, you name it!

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For when you just can't take it anymore.

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Anything with this adorable little guy's face on it was gold.

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The number of best friend memes created from this moment at the Rio Olympics is endless

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No photo expresses this feeling better!

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Real tears...

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Move over Arthur, Francine hitting that high note was everything.

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Ok, now this was actually a very sweet moment when Ellen received a medal from President Obama. But the memes that followed? **crying face emoji**

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For when it was all too much.

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We need more time to process.

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Um, what ?

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We'll wait.

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Have several seats.

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Literally ANY time there was a chance to use this face, we did.

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Adorable AND hilarious.

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Those eyes...

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Because we always needed a side eye meme on deck.

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Such disgust, such confusion...

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For when you're queen of everything.

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When 2016 tried it yet again...

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We're not sure who found all the gems from the 'Arthur' cartoon series, but we thank them profusely.

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Finally, a photo to go with all our imaginary conversations.