A Fox Drama Series About A High-Profile College Rape Case Is In The Works
J. Countess/Getty Images

Fox has a new drama series in the works centered around the aftermath of a high profile rape case on a college campus.

A slew of incidents involving men in entertainment, sports and other industries being accused, convicted or acquitted of raping women on college campuses has unfortunately been a running topic of discussion in 2016, so the timeliness of the series goes without saying.

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Appropriately titled ControversyDeadline reports that the storyline will center around a crisis management consultant and a university attorney working to seek the truth in the case of a female student who says she was gang raped by members of the football team. 

Scandal co-executive producer Judy Smith, who is also the real-life inspiration for the show’s lead character Olivia Pope, is among the team heading up production for the series. Smith is also developing a second legal drama series with the network, to be titled Justice, about an African-American woman who becomes the new U.S. Attorney General.