Father-Daughter Duo Remix Club Banger Into Back-To-School Anthem
YouTube/Carter Link

The new school year is just around the corner. And if your child needs some classroom inspiration, this father-daughter remix of a summer club banger might be what you need.

A video by elementary school teacher Joel A. Carter, and his 8-year-old daughter Dream, is catching attention after they used the popular Yo Gotti hit “Rake it up” to create a new back-to-school anthem. The topics of choice in their catchy version:  the goal to get good grades, the need for teachers to inspire their students and the general state of the education system.

“I tell all thekids, rake it up, break it down, we college bound, them A’s you rake it up,” they rap in the adorable video that is filled with some serious choreography, and cameos by the cutest babies.

The video is not new to the family of four, who are building a Youtube audience with their channel “Carter Link.” There you can find more videos from the father and daughter, as well as wife Summer, and their adorable baby Champion.

“We are The Carter’s, an ordinary family of four, being used by an extraordinary God!” they write in their YouTube bio. “Here we share our gifts, talents and love in hopes of uplifting and inspiring others.” 

Well, they are definitely inspiring kids to rake up those A’s this fall! So cute!


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