7 Experiences Every Black Woman Should Have At An HBCU

Get the most out of your HBCU experience by adding these activities to your to-do list.

Victoria Jonas Aug, 31, 2017

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This is the time to get your nails did, hair slayed, face beat and poppin outfits ready. Homecoming will be the biggest turn-up on campus. Everyone from fellow students, alumni and people who don’t attend your college will be there. Let’s not forget cele

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Once the warm weather kicks-in, the yard is the place to be. Don’t be surprised, when your classroom seems a bit empty because of a darty (day party.)From the music, dancing, food, probates and greeks strolling, the yard is the center of everything lit.

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Link up with your girls and throw on your favorite school apparel. It's time to rep your college, look cute and support the athletes at your HBCU. When halftime hits, the band and majorettes will give you Drumline vibes.

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At every HBCU function across the country, the song Swag Surfin will be played. So, when you hear the beat drop look to your left and right. Then, grab the new bestie, roommate or stranger next to you and sway left to right.

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If you want to reminisce on dinners from home, then head to the cafe. The best foods are served at HBCU cafes, so expect a long line. Tell your squad to come along to turn the occasion into a family dinner.

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There is excuse to not be social or active on campus. From Greek life to home state clubs, there is truly an organization for everyone and all interests. So, get out of your dorm, sign up for something and meet others who share common interests with you.

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From the classrooms to the dorms, you'll be surrounded by men and women who you will get to know well during your time on campus and consider lifelong friends as you all move on to the next great stage in life.