The 2020 presidential election has been anxiety-inducing to say the least. At the this article is being published, Joe Biden has garnered 238 electoral college votes, while President Trump has 213, but it’s still definitely a toss up. There are states, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan (though the latter two are projected to vote blue) that are still counting votes, and it’s presumed that the rest will continue into tonight at the earliest. Thankfully, people are easing all of the tension by creating hilarious memes.

From making jokes about wanting Wisconsin and Michigan in particular to vote in favor of Biden and posts comparing Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap” verse to Joe Biden’s geographic sweeps, folks aren’t letting this election get them too down.

Students are also weighing in having to choose which assignments they care the most about.

One writer compared the results back and forth to the Moonlight vs. La La Land mix-up at the 2017 Oscars.

Even Maury had something to say.

Honestly, the stress is just too much.

Share with us what meme is getting you through today because we need it.