15 Black Women Who've Unlocked The Secrets To Living Your Best Life (From Money to Marriage)

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Michelle Darrisaw Apr, 25, 2018

Many would describe a life coach as someone who motivates us to reach our goals and supports us in being our best selves. If you need help in advancing your business or saving more money, there’s a financial coach for that. Need to recalibrate your thinking? There are countless influencers who can assist you in channeling your frustrations into positive energy.

From professional reinventions to relationship success, the personal investment in a life coach and following the right people on social media is well worth it. It can make all the difference in your ability to define who you are and what you want.

Meet 12 strong women who have dedicated their lives to helping other Black women tap into their full potential and endless Black Girl Magic. Of course, some of these names will be familiar, like self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols. The remaining influencers and coaches are raising awareness and building a social community to uplift Black women.

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(@lisa2motivate) For more than two decades, Lisa Nichols has served as the key to women being able to unlock their infinite potential, whether through her books, humanitarian efforts or as a teacher in The Secret film. Dubbed as “The Breakthrough Specialist,” Nichols’ transformative story of how she turned $12 into millions of dollars has inspired throngs of people to hit the reset button in their own lives and to pursue their dreams.

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Paras Griffin

(@iyanlavanzant) The Fix My Life star and spiritual mentor to Oprah is a household name. Each week, the prominent fixer entertains viewers as they watch her dig deep into the pain of the others. Sure, she helps her clients “do the work,” but her own life is filled with unique struggles and triumphs that anyone can relate to.

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(@myleik) While not a traditional certified life coach, Myleik Teele, the creator of CurlBOX, is quickly becoming one of the booming voices women are turning to for unfiltered advice. Her podcast and website MyTaughtYou is aimed at charting the way forward for those who can’t see their way through it just yet.

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(@tiabrowntalks) S. Tia Brown is a licensed therapist, journalist and TV commentator devoted to empowering others in developing everyday life skills to better confront challenges in their relationships and finances.

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(@valorieburton) Celebrated author and life coach Valorie Burton has one mission: helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every aspect of their lives. And she’s done just that through her best-selling books, private phone sessions with her clients and public speaking engagements.

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Yrsa Daley-Ward

(@yrsadaleyward) The Instagram poet published a collection of her words called, Bone, which explores her mental health battles. In turning her pain into poetry, the LGBTQ activist is inspiring others who are also struggling with their identity, sexuality and mental state.

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(@eboneedavis) The self-proclaimed “soul model” made headlines in 2016 when she took the fashion industry to task for racism and its lack of diversity. These days, she continues to use her voice as an activist, and many devoted followers look forward to her motivational and positive messages each day on Twitter.

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(@gorgeousingrey) Ty Alexander stands out for her grey hair, but the writer and social media strategist created her lifestyle blog from scratch and made it a safe space for women over 30 who are seeking advice, motivation and inspiration.

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(@luvvie) The Nigerian-born, best-selling writer of the book I’m Judging You—the Do Better Manual is at the center of online discussions around technology and activism. You may know her for her witty social commentary on all things pop culture. But she’s also been a champion for social justice, AIDS awareness and supporting Black women in politics. Her inspirational TED Talk on learning to be uncomfortable has racked up more than two million views.

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(@hellolaurenash) The official Zen mother Lauren Ash is such a proponent of self-care that she created “Black Girl In Om (BGIO),” a lifestyle brand and podcast devoted to helping women of color become more health-conscious and to practice self-love. Through BGIO, the certified yoga teacher and wellness advocate has created a safe space for women to “breathe easy.”

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(@demetriallucas) Nicknamed “The Black Carrie Bradshaw,” Demetria Lucus is a life coach and the go-to person for any and all things dating and romance. Her first book, A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life, still serves as a valuable resource for all the single ladies out there. And she also dishes out relationship advice to singles and the brokenhearted on Twitter.

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(@alex_elle) Alex Elle, host of the “hey, girl.” podcast, is also an author and wellness consultant who is devoted to building sisterhood through storytelling. Her online journal “Another Sunday” focuses on self-care and self-celebration.

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(@thebudgetnista) Coined "The Budgetnista” for her practical advice on modern money management, Tiffany Aliche boasts an “all-cash” lifestyle. The financial educator’s homes, cars, and girls trips are all paid for in cash, with zero debt. Thanks to her Live Richer Challenge (a series of 22-day financial literacy courses), nearly 500,000 women across the country and globally have made smarter money moves.

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(@alexwolf) Hailed as Adweek’s “Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity & Get Everyone Talking,” Alex Wolf co-founded Boss Babe, an online community for millennial women. In her new book, Resonate, the young tastemaker walks readers through how she created a cultural space for future female entrepreneurs and women entering the workforce after graduating from college. When she’s not promoting her book, you can find Wolf providing thoughtful commentary on technology and human behavior on her Instagram.

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(@cleowade) Cleo Wade is known for her poetry and captivating storytelling, but the artist’s Instagram mantras are also nourishment for the soul, particularly among her 370,00 followers. She recently released the self-help book Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life as her offering of a “healthy soul diet” to those who seek affirmation, spiritual guidance and advice.