15 Black Women Who’ve Unlocked The Secrets To Living Your Best Life
kondratya/Getty Images

Many would describe a life coach as someone who motivates us to reach our goals and supports us in being our best selves. If you need help in advancing your business or saving more money, there’s a financial coach for that. Need to recalibrate your thinking? There are countless influencers who can assist you in channeling your frustrations into positive energy.

From professional reinventions to relationship success, the personal investment in a life coach and following the right people on social media is well worth it. It can make all the difference in your ability to define who you are and what you want.

Meet 12 strong women who have dedicated their lives to helping other Black women tap into their full potential and endless Black Girl Magic. Of course, some of these names will be familiar, like self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols. The remaining influencers and coaches are raising awareness and building a social community to uplift Black women.