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Black Girls Draw: Veronica Marché Is Illustrating Black Joy Like You've Never Seen

In this episode of 'Black Girls Draw,' we highlight a live sketch artist determined to show the world that Black women can experience happiness.
With so much grief and trauma in the world, one Black artist was determined to make her work speak to the vulnerabilities and humanity of Black women. We’re often told we’re tough, strong and hard, but illustrator and live sketch artist Veronica Marché sees us for what we really are: love and light. “I like to show Black women having joy, having fun, being in love,” Marché said. “Experiencing the world in an optimistic and happy, joyful way.” “I feel like we don’t share the stories of happiness,” she said, touching on how Black women are often expected to carry trauma on their backs. “We know how to create abundance, we know how to create light in this world. And I think that makes us just some of the most incredible works of art.” Watch Marché’s story above and check out her work, here.