Another Halloween has come and gone and once again, the internet has outdone itself. This year’s looks were just as good as the last as Halloween enthusiasts took to social media to share their jawdropping costumes.
There was no shortage of creativity with toddlers paying homage to Maxine Waters, a family celebrating Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and the perfect “San Junipero”-inspired couples costume. Here are 24 costumes ideas you’ll wish you’d done this year. 1. The Flintstones look 10x better with melanin.

Yabba Dabba Doo! Guess who?! 🎃 Ready for the Gray's annual Halloween party! 👻

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2. A couples costume idea for the perfect pair. 3. This little Russ is too cute.

Wow. This boy embodies Russ. Had me cracking up.

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4. This Mya and JAY-Z costume is too perfect. 5. Yes, bringing Fenty Beauty to life!

Pro Filt'R 450 Happy Halloween

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6. #ReclaimingMyCandy 7. Doing iconic Rugrats character Susie Carmichael justice. 8. This might be the best Tina Belcher ever. 9. Rihanna would be proud, tbh. 10. The perfect homage to Colin Kaepernick. 11. Erik Killmonger got me shook. 12. Micaela will definitely get my vote in the future. 13. Teen drama Arthur might be my favorite Arthur. 14. Although, this costume nails it too. 15. Honestly, all of this is perfect. 16. Mom did THAT. 17. And, these little ladies killed it too. 18. This family definitely slayed with their “Thriller” costumes. 19. Perfect before and after. 20. These kids are truly iconic. 21. This “San Junipero” costume is the best couples costume on the planet, don’t @ me. 22. Tupac would really be proud. 23. Someone call Missy Elliott and let her know that her fans are out here shutting it down. 24. This is too much, but still absolutely perfect.  

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