7 Viral TikTok Beauty Products Worth Trying Out ASAP

Even if you don’t have a TikTok account, it’s hard to hop anywhere online without hearing about it. The social media app has changed lives and is slowly but surely disrupting a number of industries along the way. As far as beauty goes, all it takes is one 30-second video taking off per the luck of the draw before you enthusiasts from every corner of the app are running to purchase a product that may have been mentioned. After which case, the trickle over effect takes place, with a number of creators then trying out and also posting about said product. In fact, there are so many TikTok viral beauty products, we’re all admittedly past the point of keeping up. The million dollar question — Are they worth it? Turns out, many of them are. 

The phenomenon of viral TikTok beauty videos may even be better than beauty YouTube in its hayday. Posts are significantly shorter, and thus we can take from the content exactly what we need — How does a given product work, and how well does it work? With the app’s inherent authentic nature, the reviews we get from creators in those thirty second to three minute videos often come completely raw and filtered, so we know exactly what’s worth grabbing and not. Even further, we dug through those to pick out the top 9 TikTok viral beauty products to try out, should you be craving a refresh. See them below. 

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