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The Best Edge Controls To Lay And Slay 4C Hair

You'll wonder how you were ever styling your hair without these.
The Best Edge Controls To Lay And Slay 4C Hair

There are a few trusty items you’re bound to find in the kits of anyone with 4C hair. Among them are hair pins, a spray bottle equipped with their choice of curl-reviving liquid, and for anyone who isn’t the biggest fan of flyaways, edge control. The latter is a life-saving must-have when it comes to perfecting your 4C hairstyles, but be sure to keep an eye out for the right options. 

Because 4C hair can easily become dried out or brittle, it’s important to make sure you’re looking for edge control that is among the best for your coily hair texture. Namely, options that come with nourishing and hydrating properties by way of ingredients such as olive oil, argan oil, and the like. Then, keep an eye out for edge controls that don’t flake, and depending on your needs, you can scope out options that boast benefits, such as curl-defining as well. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best edge control options to start with – they all have plenty of fans to vouch for them.