Summery Scents, Anyone? 10 Body Washes And Shower Gels You’ll Love

Ask any fragrance lover — “You smell good” is a top tier compliment. Perfumes are of course one way to ensure your signature scent remains on point. But of course it starts with the basics, your daily body wash and shower gel. While a no-brainer, a particular area comes into play regarding keeping a fresh and intriguing scent — rotating your scents out seasonally. That said, it’s time for the best summer body washes to make an appearance. 

The season has come and passed for shower scents such as pumpkin, cinnamon, chestnut and the like. This time around, try reaching for something fresh and fruity — Think a body wash that carries a floral scent such as Caress’ new Pink Lotus or citrus option such as fresh’s Citron de Vigne. Or, try out an all natural formula such as breakout brand Flamingo Estate’s Invigorating Natural Body Wash. There aren’t many purchases we make that we make use of on a daily basis, but these are as good as money well spent gets.

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