Steve Madden x Hairbrella’s Waterproof Hats Are All You Need To Tackle Rainy Days This Spring

Few things can ruin a day quicker than an unexpected rush of rain on a day out. Yet, it’s a nearly inevitable — albeit small — nuisance most of us are familiar with. Whether you live in a walking city, or you’re in the middle of a patio-style brunch, or you’re simply in and out of your car running a boatload of errands and forgot your umbrella at home, that the relationship between the weather and our hair can quickly become a less than easy one to navigate is no unique experience. Nursery rhymes aside, you can’t quite will unexpected drizzle away. Hairbrella, the Atlanta-based brand specializing in innovative accessories aimed at protecting your hair from said unanticipated showers, however, has landed on the next best thing — waterproof hats. The brand’s latest release comes in collaboration with Steve Madden, resulting simultaneously in some of the most stylish and functional waterproof headgear to hit the market yet. 

Founder Tracey Pickett got her start in law school following undergrad, going on then to work at a Fortune 500 company before Hairbrella was eventually born out of painfully obvious need. Having since sold over 125 thousand units on Amazon, the young woman-founded brand more than fills a void. Now, a collaborative effort between Steve Madden and Fearless Fund born in February of 2021 introduces a partnership wherein Steve Madden pledged to use its platform to spotlight women of color-led businesses, resulting in a fresh bucket hat design the pair spent a year developing. In both nude and black hues, a color palette primed for wearing with anything, both unisex options come complete with monochromatic gemstones for added flair. With a hidden storage pocket that allows the hat to fold into itself, it becomes just as must-have for shopping as it is for that unexpected day in the rain. Shop the launch below. 

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